Terms & Conditions


  • By placing an order with Launchify you agree to and are bound to the terms and conditions outlined. Launchify has the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time. 



Domain Names

  • All domain names registered will be under the ownership and control of Launchify. 
  • All packages include domain renewals unless agreed otherwise.
  • Launchify cannot be held liable for any loss occurred by website downtime caused by domain name expiration or any technical faults caused by a third party or domain registrar.


  • All website packages require direct debit or reoccurring card payment to be setup before any work will commence. 
  • Launchify requires you to supply all text for your website. We will supply stock images free of charge, you may also supply your own images. All text and images supplied must be copyright free, Launchify accepts no responsibility for any copyright infringements as a result of material supplied by the customer. We can supply professional copyrighting at an additional cost.
  • Website development will only begin once the initial consultation call has taken place and the order has been confirmed by us at the end of this call, or via email.
  • Launchify expects to complete all website within 5-10 working days from order confirmation, if content isn’t provided on time or at extremely busy periods this timeframe may increase. Launchify will always make customer aware of the estimated time frame of all projects at time of order confirmation.
  • Launchify hold the right the refuse material which may be deemed offensive, illegal or controversial.
  • Launchify holds the right to refuse, cancel and suspend accounts at our sole discretion.

On-going Service

  • Hosting, content updates and maintenance will be provided by Launchify as part of the pay monthly package. 
  • Launchify take a number of measures to ensure customers do not face any disruption of service, however no liability lies with us for disruption which occurs as a result of factors which lie out of our control.
  • All packages include website amendments. These amendments are limited to text, image and contact information changes. All amendments are subject to fair usage, if customer use of this term is excessive, we reserve the right to add additional charges. Changes such as new pages, re-branding or additional functionality will be treated as a bespoke service and will be quoted for and billed for. 
  • Should a website fault occur as a result of changes made by the customer, a charge will apply to rectify the fault.

Contract Duration / Cancellation

  • All website packages are agreed on a 12-month contract. After the contract period, all website falls into a rolling monthly contract. This can be cancelled at anytime after the 12-month contract by giving 1 months written notice by email.
  • Cancellation requests must be made in writing to [email protected]
  • Account cancellation would result in your website being taken offline. We hold website on our servers for 6 months after cancellation. 

Charges & Payments


  •  All payments to Launchify will be processed via Authorised Direct Debit or reoccurring Credit Card payments via PayPal. Alternative payment methods may be accepted at the discretion of Launchify and may incur administrative fees. 
  • We do not charge VAT on any of our services. Should VAT become applicable, VAT will be charged in addition to the price of the respective package.
  • If the Customer fails to pay Launchify on the due date Launchify may: 


  • Suspend all Services until payment has been made in full.
  • Apply a £50 late payment fee on each occurrence, if the customer is continually late in making payment
  • Suspend all services and request full payment of remaining contract period, thereafter reactivating all services. Launchify will attempt to make contact via email and/ or telephone once payment is late. If payment is more than 28 days overdue, we will take legal action to recover the costs if necessary.
  • Launchify has the right to retry for failed payments without notice to the client. We may operate an automatic system which will attempt to take failed direct debits again and may do so on multiple occasions if necessary 

Refund Policy


  • If you are unhappy with any of services you are free to cancel within 14 days of signup, if you cancel within the first 14 days of sign up you are entitled to a full refund minus £10 admin charge upon request emailed to [email protected]  




  • Launchify and its sub-contractors retain the right to provide a link to the client’s deliverable, display graphics or other elements of work within their own respective portfolios as well as the ability to mention the client in publicity to promote the services of Lanuchify unless stated otherwise in the quotation.


  • Unless otherwise specified in the quotation and prior to the completion of any work, the website may include a link or statement at the bottom of the deliverable, establishing an authorship credit to Launchify.
    Launchify reserves the right to remove this credit at any time. The client may not remove this authorship credit without prior consent from Launchify.



Governing Law


  • This contract will be governed exclusively by the laws of the United Kingdom. 
  • Registered Address: Launchify, 88 High Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 2HZ 
  • Launchify is a trading name of AKA Tech Solutions LTD